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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Dream Control Pro

Now you can record and log your dreams as well as share them with friends!
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Introducing Dream Control Pro with Social Share and dream log capability. Now you can record and log your dreams as well as share them with friends! Learn how to use your dreams to accomplish goals, conquer fear and take control of your life. Use this app before bed time, and let the soothing sounds and narration take you on a journey into dreamscapes you never imagined possible. With practice, you'll soon become the master of your dreams and your destiny!

Have you ever wished you could control your dreams, or use them to influence your waking life? With Dream Control Pro it's not just possible, it's easy! Dr. Norman Miller developed the Hypnovisualization® technique to show people that, by living their most desired experiences through dreaming, they can affect their waking lives. The process requires faith, determination and practice, but it's as simple as listening to the tracks and going to sleep.

Dream Control Pro with Social Share features include:

* Social Share feature lets you post your dream log or discuss dreams with other users via Facebook
* Create audio dream logs to quickly preserve your dream experience when you wake
* 2 free tracks included in the app, including a 40 minute session that gently guides you into sleep and productive dreaming
* Buy additional tracks via in-app purchases
* Helps you harness the unimaginable capabilities of the conscious mind
* Innovative voice guided dream control technique
* Soothing binaural music

Just open the app, tap the screen and listen to the relaxing binaural music as Dr. Miller's soothing narration starts you on your journey toward living your dreams. The music tracks contain subliminal alpha sounds that are similar to the brain activity of someone who is completely relaxed. These tracks are designed to prepare you for the experience as Dr. Miller's expert instruction guides you through the doorway to the power of your conscious mind.

As you work through the included tracks and see the positive results in your life, you may be wondering how to take the next steps in your journey. Are you ready for more? Additional tracks are available through in-app purchases; each one designed to help you achieve one specific goal in your life. As your library of tracks grows, so will your confidence and sense of accomplishment as you achieve every goal you set for yourself. Whether it's conquering your fear of flying, or experiencing teleportation or astral projection, if you can dream it, you can do it!

If you've ever had a dream fade as soon as you awoke, you know how frustrating it can be to try to recall the fleeting details of your experience. Unfortunately, until you master this technique, this is bound to happen occasionally. That's why Dream Control Pro includes a dream log that lets you record your dreams before they can escape your memory.

Use the "Record Later" feature to set up a dream log in advance. When you wake up, just tap the "Record" button and speak into your device. The button is large and red, so it's easy to find, even if you've only just begun to wake up.

Most people who discover this amazing technique are excited to see the transformation taking place in their lives. The Dream Control Pro Social Share feature puts you in touch with other users who want to discuss their dreams and success with this app. After you log your dream, use this feature to post it on our Facebook page. If you prefer not to post your dreams on Facebook, you can always tap the link in the app to visit our page and encourage others who have posted theirs.

It's important to have faith in yourself and the program to achieve success. As your success begins to manifest, your belief will grow strong, and results will come even more quickly. Listen to the tracks every night, and eventually the technique (and the results!) will become automatic.

Are you ready to start making positive changes in your life? Download Dream Control Pro with Social Share now and start living your dreams!








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