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Manageable: Nested ToDo Lists Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Manageable: Nested ToDo Lists

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Manageable helps you focus on the next task no matter how many projects you have to juggle at the same time.
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Manageable: Nested ToDo Lists
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• Have a goal. Make it manageable. •

Manageable helps you focus on the next task no matter how many projects you have to juggle at the same time.

Start with your projects, goals or even dreams and split each one into steps required to complete it.
Split each step further into lists of subtasks until you end up with simple actionable items.
Manageable presents all your leaf items across your selected project as a flat prioritised action list, hiding complexity when you don't need it.

Clutter-free hierarchical lists, a breeze to build and navigate with these features:
• Clean gesture-driven interface
• Reorder and prioritize in one gesture
• Set due dates with reminders
• Set reschedule interval for recurrent tasks
• Efficient color-coding of your items
• Two-tap navigation between your active projects
• Search by multiple words or substrings
• Sync application data across different devices via Cloud Sync (available as an IAP)
• Import or share your project outlines
• Export your ordered action lists
• Backup data to file system or cloud
• Home screen and Control Center widgets
• Unlimited undo/redo

Manageable offers three widgets:
1. Favorite Projects widget lists your most active projects, i.e. those you recently opened in Action view, exactly as you see in the Navigation view.
2. Actions widget is a list of next tasks in the project of your choice. You can have several Actions lists on your home-screen for different projects.
3. Tasks Due widget shows only the tasks with the nearest due dates before they actually become due.


● In Task View
• Pull down/up to add item
• Hold and drag to reorder/prioritize
• Swipe the title left for Action list
• Swipe the title right to go to the top
• Pull down with 2 fingers for import menu
• Pull up with 2 fingers for export menu

● In Action view
• Pull down to filter by priority

● Anywhere
• Swipe item for menu
• Tap and hold item to edit
• Tap title for Navigation view, tap again to dismiss
• Pinch out/in to switch wrapping of long task names on/off
• Shake/3-finger tap to undo/redo








2.61 MB






iPhone, iPad

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