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Schichter - Shift calendar Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Schichter - Shift calendar

Your Ultimate Shift Calendar and Work Schedule Buddy.

This giveaway offer has expired. Schichter - Shift calendar is now available on the regular basis.

Your Ultimate Shift Calendar and Work Schedule Buddy

With our Shift Calendar app, you'll conquer shift work like a pro! You can whip up your perfect work schedule in no time, organize your shifts, and plan your workday like a boss. Check out what our Shift Work app has in store for you:

• No more stress with shift planning: 
Our app is super user-friendly, allowing you to create and tweak shift schedules in a flash. Whether you have regular shifts or your work hours are flexible, we've got you covered.

• Make it your own: 
Customize each type of shift with your favorite colors, notes, and breaks. That way, you'll always stay on top of your work hours and tasks.

• Stay flexible: 
Swap shifts with ease, input vacation days, and manage time off effortlessly. Our app helps you adjust your work schedule to changing demands.

• All your info at a glance: 
Keep an eye on your work hours, vacation days, and more. Our detailed reports make shift work a breeze.

• Seamless calendar integration: 
Sync your shift schedules effortlessly with your iOS calendar, keeping you in the loop about appointments and shifts.

• Widgets and Apple Watch support: 
Check your shift schedules right on your home screen (iOS 16+) or wrist without opening the app.

• Dark mode and weather forecast (iOS 16+): 
Switch to dark mode for relaxed work in low-light conditions and get weather forecasts for your planned shifts (iOS 16+).

• Secure your data (In-App Purchase): 
Back up your data and sync it across all your devices through iCloud.

• 24/7 support: 
We're here round the clock to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. And yes, we also speak English!

• Export options: 
Export your shift schedules to the iOS calendar or as a user-friendly PDF annual calendar.

Our Shift Calendar app is your reliable companion for efficient shift work. Get the app today and make managing your work and leisure a breeze!


Martin Schulze






13.23 MB




Dutch, English, German, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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