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3dCameraControl Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - 3dCameraControl

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Move and position your Apple device in any direction, watch your Maya scene camera move in real-time.

Bu programın süresi doldu. 3dCameraControl artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

Move and position your Apple® device in any direction, watch your Maya® scene camera move in real-time. Hit record and capture new and complex camera movement, all from the palm of your hands.

Absolute control at your fingertips. Quickly adjust playback settings. Access all cameras in your scene instantly. Change focal length with a slider or pick presets. Change scene scale quickly to manage large distances. Use real world translation settings to lock any axis.

Remote viewport monitoring. Use our Maya plugin and WiFi to connect and view your Maya viewport in realtime.

Adjustable frames per second. Record animation all the way to 120FPS.

With our plugin, you’re in control. Use Python scripting to adapt our plugin to your needs. Need something special, email us! We’re here to help your studio achieve maximum potential.

Installation instructions and our free plugin available on our site: www.3dcameracontrol.com
Contact us: support@3dCameraControl.com

About the developer.
Jacob Maymudes is a visual effects supervisor and founder of Wylie Visual Effects, located in Culver City, California. For more information about Wylie VFX please visit www.wylievfx.com
To contact our sales team, email us at: ep@wylievfx.com


Jacob Maymudes


Graphics & Design




84.65 MB






iPhone, iPad

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