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5 Minute Workout Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - 5 Minute Workout

* Get your daily exercise with this simple and intuitive app. * Choose a 5 or 7 minute workout.

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* Get your daily exercise with this simple and intuitive app.
* Choose a 5 or 7 minute workout.
* No workout equipment necessary!

The 5 Minute Workout app offers a choice between a 5 or 7 minute interval training. These fast-paced workout routines switch actions every 30 seconds, breaking your exercise into dynamic and manageable chunks.


- Hand drawn stop-motion illustrations clarify each movement.
- The simple and intuitive design cuts out any unnecessary options.
- Voice commands do not interrupt music or podcasts and keep you on track in the workout.
- There's no need for any fancy equipment; just a chair and you're set.
- And best of all, it's completely free!

The 7 Minute interval training option is scientifically developed, based upon the high-intensity circuit training model, and uses your own body weight as your resistance. This exact routine was featured in the NY Times Magazine and well-known scientific publications.

The 5 Minute interval training option switches actions without the 10 second rest intervals of the 7 Minute option, and is highly recommended for working up a major sweat, and then getting on with your day.

We all have a few minutes a day to give for our health: what will you do with yours?


Crate Eight LLC


Health & Fitness




5.75 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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