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Ada Dictation - Speech to Text Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Ada Dictation - Speech to Text

App for transcription of voice notes with high-quality microphone recording and instant conversion from voice to text

This giveaway offer has expired. Ada Dictation - Speech to Text is now available on the regular basis.

Ada Dictation is the best app for transcription of voice notes with high-quality microphone recording and instant conversion from voice to text with advanced editing capabilities. The app records and transcribes notes for you in real-time giving you live speech transcription results, which is 7 times faster than typing. Ada Dictation is perfect for recording voice memos less than a foot away from the microphone. Ada Dictation is the best notepad for your thoughts to be recorded in the form of audio notes and text. Ada Dictation simplifies note-taking and helps you take notes of all your important conversations and thoughts.

Unlike most transcription apps, Ada Dictation works offline which makes the app recordings private and unlimited. Ada Dictation is designed keeping all your interests in mind, making it a one-stop solution for all your needs helping you transcribe all your lectures, interviews, meetings, and everyday voice conversations.


>> Fastest and best live transcription
* Live speech transcription
* Works without internet
* Uses machine learning and AI to transcribe on the device

>> 100% Privacy assurance
* Data not shared with third party
* All data is secure in the app

>> Many uses
* Record meeting notes and transcribe live
* Voice memo editor
* Make text notes in lectures from speech
* Record interviews for future reference
* Best app for people who need help with accessibility
* Your own voice note pad to record everyday thoughts
* Talk and record your conversations

>> Offline mode
* No internet required to transcribe
* Makes the app absolutely private to use

>> Unlimited minutes
* No recurring server cost
* Flat rate

>> Advanced editing, edit with ease
* Tap on a word in the text area to find its audio.
* Tap on the waveform to jump to the text associated with that audio.
* See the appropriate text highlighted while the audio is playing.
* Slow down audio without changing the pitch to better type while listening.
* Add and remove bookmarks and see a list of all the bookmarks in a file.

>> High-quality recorder
* Best Microphone quality
* Substitute your dictaphone
* Multiple editing features
* Make HD voice memo

>> Multiple languages and dialects
* English - Canada
* English - UK
* English - India
* English - US
* Spanish - Mexico
* Spanish - Spain
* Spanish - US
* French
* German
* Italian
* Portuguese - Brazilian
* Russian
* Turkish
* Chinese - Cantonese
* Chinese - Mandarin

Automatically transcribe spoken audio into text, entirely offline and on the device. You can record live or import files from anywhere on your device. Ada Dictation - Speech to text app, gives you powerful editing features to correct or refine the transcript after you're done recording. The waveform is also interactive, and you can pinch, pan and zoom on the waveform to find your place, or to trim your file into a smaller file while keeping the appropriate part of the transcript and bookmarks. The app features dark mode and iPad multi-window support.

Boost your note-taking ability with Ada Dictation. Transcribe the speech to text for all your lectures, interviews, meetings, and everyday voice conversations. Download now!

Check FAQ for more info at https://www.dictationbyblueshift.com/faq

Terms of use available at https://www.dictationbyblueshift.com/terms-of-use


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iPhone, iPad

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