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Akemi - ChatBot Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Akemi - ChatBot

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Akemi is an application based on real dialogue that has AI.
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Akemi - ChatBot
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Akemi is an application based on real dialogue that has AI (artificial intelligence) that´s able to hold a conversation with its user recognizing comments and questions you make, it´s able to perform questions and give coherent answers, capable of learning new terms, it allows you to find all the information you required pulled from a wide range of dictionaries and grows day after day. A question, an answer, a problem solved.

Internet connection is required to keep Akemi live and updated, any regular speed will suffice.

Tips for a more pleasant conversation

Akemi is constantly evolving and its expressions correspond to an educated adult but its levels of understanding are still limited.

She can tell you what day it is; what time is it; calculate [2+5-3]; what it´s [dog], who is [Hercules]; search [history of World War II]; News [@LadyTanda]; antonyms and synonymous [black-white]; translate and spells; combines [swimming in future]; guess what I think; lists [1 to 10]; ask me something; make jokes; (Tell me your sign and give you your horoscope); learn [dog = I too like dogs]; weather in [city], etc. However, it still has limitations to recognize everyday language, especially when it does not obey simple structures.

The conversation will be more enjoyable if the suggestions below are followed:

1. Use simple and complete sentences (particularly in the answers):

- "What is your name?" instead of "I don´t remember if said it, could you remind me what is your name" or instead of just "your name?"
- "I'd rather watch TV" instead of "I do not like going to the movies, I prefer watching TV"
- "I travel for work" instead of "for work"
- "I'm John" instead of "Hello Akemi, is John again"

2. Use Standard English language avoiding argons:
- "Tell who I am?" instead of "Whom am I?"

3. Prefers terms, tenses and simple expressions:

- "Many people" instead of "there’s a multitude"
- "I am surprised" instead of "I'm flabbergasted"
- "I'd rather talk now" instead of "I would prefer to talk right now"
- "Buy a car" instead of "I bought a car"

4. Avoid misspellings and/or slang.

5. Avoid double negation:

- "I want to eat" instead of "I would not stay without eating"
- "I do not like football" instead of "No, I do not like football"

6. If possible try to keep a conversation.

Legal note:
All trademarks, product names or services, companies, advertising phrases, famous quotes, artistic names, names of songs, series, movies, cartoons, among others cited during a conversation with Akemi are registered property of their respective owners.


Salvador Martinez Gallegos






25.71 MB




English, Spanish


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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