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All the FeelZzz Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - All the FeelZzz

All the Feelzzz is designed specifically for and with input from the autistic community.
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All the FeelZzz
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What is All the Feelzzz?
All the Feelzzz is designed specifically for and with input from the autistic community. Autistic individuals often experience sensations (e.g., pain and discomfort) differently than neurotypical people do. As such, All the Feelzzz is designed to represent these differences by providing graphical representations that attempt to capture a more complex, subtle, and/or multidimensional experience of feels that may resonate more with autistic people and people who process sensory input differently in general. These complexities, and the multidimensional nature of feels for autistic people, must be accounted for in any tool or strategy that aims to support the challenges that can come with attempting to heal or minimize unwanted feels, seek help, or simply express oneself in ways that are authentic and unmasked. Thus, qualities such as texture, intensity, imagery, color, and a full range of tactile qualities are represented in All the Feelzzz graphics!

The images have been carefully conceptualized and developed in hopes that one or many qualities of a Feelz card will resonate with a person, and therefore, help them to name, understand, and express their experience in ways that are not forced by external sources (e.g., traditional pain scales; “How much does it hurt?”, which often pose problems for autistic people). Indeed, there may be others outside of the autistic community that may find this way of communicating supportive of their needs. We hope it will be a tool used widely by those for whom it resonates.

Who is this App for?
• Autistic people on their own, in collaboration with their partners and carers, or with partners guiding and facilitating the process. All the Feelzzz is designed to provide autistic individuals with an alternative means of communicating “pain, discomfort, and perceived difference” in their bodies. This system is most appropriate for individuals who use symbols (e.g., spoken words, pictures, signs, augmentative systems, etc.) to communicate, although the graphics are intended to provide access to those who may not be reading or be able to express themselves in the middle of a Feelz.
• Family members and carers- All the Feelzzz is designed to support the ability of someone to be a Responsive Partner to an autistic person experiencing “pain, discomfort and perceived difference in their body.” It is also designed to help the partner be a Supportive Partner / Facilitator who has tools and strategies for helping autistic people use the Feelz as a means of expressing their experiences.
• Teachers- All the Feelzzz is a differentiated approach that teachers will find useful to support and empower their autistic learners’ authentic voice in educational settings.
• Health care professionals and staff in clinical and hospital settings who are supporting autistic patients- All the Feelz can be used to support patients who are not able to accurately use standard pain scales to communicate their dynamic experiences with difference in their bodies. It utilizes accessible sensory based / visual formats accessible to individuals who have a wide range of communication styles,

Note: Although it has been specifically crafted by and for autistic experiences, it can be used for anyone who might experience feels differently and/or find it challenging to describe what’s going on inside their body to others when the need to do so arises.

The Feelz cards are intended to assist in the identification of bodily feels, but there is much power in the fact that no words are needed to show the card, or cards, selected to partners! After all, being able to communicate clearly when you need someone to be aware of what is going on in your body can be massively beneficial to your health, safety, and general well-being.

May the FeelZzz be with you... literally... in your pocket... in your palm... whenever you need them :)

- Amy and Jacquelyn
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