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Alpha HDR Video Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Alpha HDR Video

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This amazing app lets in real time to apply a pseudo HDR effect on life video.

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This amazing app lets in real time to apply a pseudo HDR effect on life video. You can look at the around world through HDR view and record amazing expressively video with incredible effects. You can adjust different parameters of effects. Particularly you can dramatically increase image details. Or opposite, decrease details and to have a swell noise reduction on your video.

The world is beautiful and wonderful if look at this through an HDR camera view.
Let’s imagine what if our eyes could see reality in HD range? How everyday life was looked then?
New HDR vision could give unique opportunities to explore how familiar things may look in HDR dimension. Have you seen how to look a burning fire in HDR? Or how indeed looks clouds in the sky? Now you can see it all. The AlphaPlugins HDR video app allows open around world again and from a new side of view.
It sounds as a fantastic but yes, it is a true. Now you have a unique possibility to see surrounding reality in HDR mode. The new AlphaPlugins app lets in real time to look at the real world through an HDR cam. Even not only just look but and record a life video. And of course, any video is beautiful if this an HRD video.


Maxim Chernousov


Photo & Video




3.52 MB






iPhone, iPad

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