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AlphaBlur Image Effects Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - AlphaBlur Image Effects

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Apply special effects to image backgrounds.

Bu programın süresi doldu. AlphaBlur Image Effects artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

AlphaBlur Effects App uses neural network and artificial intelligence for smart automatic splitting background and foreground objects on your photos and apply different amazing special effects on background.
Many beautiful high-quality effects are collected in this fine app and can be easily applied by one click on effect's icon. Different kinds of blur and focus effects, bokeh with different shapes of elements, highlights and stars, turbulence distortions and many tenses other special effects are available for you with help of AlphaBlur Effect App presented for you by AlphaPlugins.

Main features:
- automatically split background and foreground objects with using artificial intelligence
- many kinds of blur and focus effects, include zooming blur, motion blur, radial and etc.
- different bokeh effects with different shapes of elements
- lot of different highlight and stars effects.
- various types of turbulence distortion effects which can be applied on background to

Similar like other AlphaPlugins' product the AlphaBlur Effects is high-quality and very intellectually app what gives you a lot of fun.


Maxim Chernousov


Photo & Video




35.52 MB




English, Russian, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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