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Animal Discovery in 3D Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Animal Discovery in 3D

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Want to explore the peace of the farm's environment or the vast wilderness of forests and savannas?

This giveaway offer has been expired. Animal Discovery in 3D is now available on the regular basis.

Want to explore the peace of the farm's environment or the vast wilderness of forests and savannas? Do you want to explore the harsh environments of prehistoric dinosaurs? Want to fly across farms, forests and savannas? Want to know everything about animals and experience controlling them in vast environments?

Then, this game is surely for you.

Animal Discovery 3D is an educational and extremely enjoyable game that any age range will enjoy it.

The game contains four vast environments, Farm, Forest, Savanna and Prehistoric that each contains its unique animals. You can discover all kinds of animals available in each of the environments.

You can RUN with animals through the stunning environments, SWIM through rivers and oceans and FLY above all!

Enjoy vivid 3D graphics!
- Great animated realistic animals
- Vast and colorful environments, that each has its own unique look and feel

Environments Available
- Farm
- Forest
- Savanna
- Prehistoric

Discoverable Animals Available
- Chicken
- Sheep
- Cow
- Pig
- Goat
- Duck
- Rabbit
- Deer Doe
- Deer Stag
- Bear
- Boar
- Fox
- Wolf
- Gorilla
- Tiger
- Great Horned Owl
- Elephant
- Zebra
- Crocodile
- Hippopotamus
- Rhinoceros
- Lion
- Lioness
- Eagle
- Ankylosaurus
- Parasaurolophus
- Stegosaurus
- Velociraptor
- Spinosaurus
- Tyrannosaurus
- Carnotaurus
- Brontosaurus

Actions In Game
- Walking and Running with animals
- Swimming
- Flying
- Feeding
- Other Actions Like Lion Roar, Wolf Howl and even Animal Poking and Enraging!


Eurisko Mobility S.A.L. Offshore






432.69 MB




Arabic, English, French, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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