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AR Placer Cam Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - AR Placer Cam

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Create tracked text in Augmented Reality.
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AR Placer Cam
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Creating tracked text in Augmented Reality for your videos has never been as fun, quick, or easy as with Placer Cam. In AR you can create titles quickly for your: ads, road trip movies, skate videos, or any video. Record it, post it as an Instagram story, share on Facebook or even use it in your video production workflow.

- Intuitive and easy to use
- Place, scale, rotate, and move text in Augmented Reality
- Place 3D extruded text
- Use sharp flat text in 3D
- Drop sweet illustrated emojis in AR
- Modify fonts and colors
- Record videos in Augmented Reality

Be creative, have fun and make some great videos!


Mikko Haapoja


Photo & Video




342.02 MB






iPhone, iPad

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