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Audio Feedback Trainer Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Audio Feedback Trainer

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Feedback is the Number One Enemy of Live Sound.
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Audio Feedback Trainer
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Feedback is the Number One Enemy of Live Sound.
Don't get fired! Become a ninja feedback killer with the AFT App.
Learn to identify frequencies working with the right tool for the job, the 31-band graphic equalizer.
You will create muscle (Finger) memory within the graphic EQ, so it becomes second nature.
For a better experience, use headphones or speakers at LOW VOLUMES.

The AFT App is incredibly easy to use:

Slide Up to learn different frequencies (Without pressing START).

STOP or Double-tap on any slider to stop feedback.

Press START For Random Frequencies.

Slide Down to kill feedback (as you would in a live situation).

We got rid of the lowest and highest frequencies (20Hz, 25Hz, 16k, and 20k) that a standard sound system can't reproduce, making more room for the sliders, so you are working with a 27-band EQ.

For comments and questions, please visit www.audiofeedbacktrainer.com

Thank you,

Eduardo Ron


FB Entertainment LLC






14.77 MB






iPhone, iPad

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