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Baby Touch: Galaxy Game Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Baby Touch: Galaxy Game

A fun game for all babies and infants.
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Baby Touch: Galaxy Game
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In this game, stars move around the screen and explode into fireworks when touched. 

This is a fun game for all babies and infants (and even older kids and adults). Babies/infants of 2-10 months can use the app as a fun way to improve hand eye coordination. Older babies/infants can also play this fun game during tummy time, making tummy time more fun and helping improve hand eye coordination. 

The makers of this application have a baby, and were looking for an application that would help improve hand eye coordination, finger agility, and depth perception on the go. This was the perfect solution! We hope you enjoy the app as much as our baby girl does.


Little Dipper Studios, LLC






15.22 MB






iPhone, iPad

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