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Bachify Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Bachify

Bachify, the all-in-one photo editor comes standard with a full set of powerful tools, amazing filters, fun stickers etc
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If anyone knows how to get noticed it is Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, with over 15 million Vine followers and 7 million Instagram followers. Andrew took his vast experience in getting noticed and wrapped it in an app that is extreme, fun and easy to use.

Bachify, the all-in-one photo editor comes standard with a full set of powerful tools, amazing filters, fun stickers and meme backgrounds.

Expand and customize your Bachify editor by adding tons of creative sticker sets, meme backgrounds and filters as in-app purchases with new sets added frequently (no update required).

Photobombs and Stickers
Photobomb any photo by inserting stickers from the Bachify library or stickers you create. Add celebrities, friends or yourself to a photo by just marking the foreground and slipping them into the background. Only you won't know that they weren't really there.
Customized Stickers: Cut out a sticker from any photo and save it as a sticker to photobomb other photos and to create memes.

All-In-One Tool Set
Basics tool - Fix brightness, contrast, hue and saturation on the whole photo or paint on just the parts you want to edit
Smoothing - Airbrush wrinkles away. Paint over unwanted lines, blemishes and even out skin tones
Whiten - Brighten up smiles and eyes with an easy to use airbrush tool
Sculptor - Chase after those big eyes and lips with the sculpting tool. Shrink your waistline or impress your friends with huge muscles
Blur - Create a cool photo effect with the blur tool and paint over the areas you want to stay in focus
Make-up/Spray Tan Brush - Choose from different pallets customized for eyes, lips and spray tan to give your selfie a complete make-over
ZitPop - Get rid of those unsightly blemishes with our easy to use ZitPop tool. Paint over the area and watch them disappear
Enhance - Airbrush the areas you want to sharpen to bring your photos to life. You can even adjust the intensity and brush size to your liking
Red Eye - Just tap the red eyes in the photo to automatically get the red out

Piercings, Tattoos and More
Go to the extreme by adding piercings, tattoos, eye colors or even bugging your eyes out completely
Create wild new hair styles, grow a beard over night or even get a shiny new grill

Create works of art with our beautiful filter libraries and even paint on just the parts of your photo you want filtered
Adjust the intensity so you can layer on many filters to achieve exactly the look you’re going for

Start with a background from our meme library or use the generator to create your own gradient panel and add stickers, speech bubbles and customizable text stickers to wow your friends and social media
Create memes in seconds and impress your friends and fans with amazing and professional looking edits and art

Bachify allows you to edit in both portrait and landscape and uploads with ease to various social media platforms.

What are you waiting for? Get Bachified, guaranteed fresh!




Photo & Video



84.31 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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