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Balloons for babies Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Balloons for babies

Balloons is focused on exciting (for babies) cause-and-effect interactions.
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Balloons for babies
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# Balloons

Balloons is focused on exciting (for babies) cause-and-effect interactions. Balloons float up the screen, and they pop when they are tapped. Shake the device to pop all the balloons at once! Kids figure it out quickly. Therapists have even used Balloons to help teach cause-and-effect to developmentally-challenged toddlers!

Balloons was carefully designed to be baby-proof. There are no ads, no popups, and no settings. There's nothing that requires adult intervention, and there's nothing for your child to break.

Balloons will keep your baby entertained, and it won't annoy you or the people around you. Use it on a plane, in the car, or anywhere else you need to keep your baby happy. Some parents have told us that they use Balloons to keep their child entertained while they take a shower!

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Craig Janis






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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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