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Banyan Tales - Adventure Series & Morals for Kids Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Banyan Tales - Adventure Series & Morals for Kids

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Get BanyanTales, the best socio-emotional learning app for children up to 8 years old.

This giveaway offer has expired. Banyan Tales - Adventure Series & Morals for Kids is now available on the regular basis.

Get BanyanTales, the best socio-emotional learning app for children up to 8 years old, and watch your child learn important life lessons, while having tons of fun. Join the 60,000+ children all over the world that have enjoyed the Banyan Tales learning experience.

An animation adventure series for young kids narrated by Jujuba, the wise Banyan Tree, each Banyan Tale focuses on a character pillar, a topic that resonates with parents and educators concerned about bullying and teaching good moral values, social skills and emotional intelligence. Unlike other apps, it creates a fun learning zone to stimulate the child's ethical thinking, and your child will:

1) Learn important life lessons about trust, caring, leadership and respect with the two HD animated stories - Little Big Mouse & Parrot To The Rescue (each 10-12 minutes long; you only get a PREVIEW of the second story, and can buy/download the FULL second story and reinforcing quiz for a nominal cost to expand your child's learning - well, its FREE now for a limited time)

2) Practice good behaviors and social skills with an interactive quiz after each story involving real life situations involving keeping promises and being a leader

3) Play safely with the adorable jungle animal cast in the Easy Puzzle and Memory games, brain activities with a subtle moral value

You can help us spread the message of 'goodness' by:

a) Rewarding your young child by purchasing, the Harder versions of the Match-It and Puzzle games, ~30 minutes of brain activity for $0.99 each

b) Rating your child's experience with the App on the iTunes AppStore (Facebook Like would be great!)

c) Sharing the App with your friends, family and teachers. Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text Message icons accessible through the Main Menu Share button

d) Checking out our Banyan Tales Augmented Reality App ... now featuring a Talking Dinner Placemats

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