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Baseball for Philips Hue Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Baseball for Philips Hue

Use Philips Hue Lights to create an immersive experience when your favorite team scores.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Baseball for Philips Hue is now available on the regular basis.

Baseball Lights uses Philips Hue Lights to create an immersive experience when your favorite team scores, just like it would be if you were at the game.

- Choose from all MLB teams
- Each team has its own home run and run scored light show and sound.
- Live scoring updates where lights will trigger automatically when one of your favorite teams scores. Note: Scoring play triggers will occur between 10-20 seconds after a run is scored. If you are watching the game live, pausing the game for the delay time in seconds will give you a more real-time scoring effect. App must be running in the background for scoring plays to trigger.
- Team colors will be shown after the light show completes with the option to set your own hue scene.
- Great for notifications for other teams you follow.
- Trigger the lights and sound in the app, or the on the Apple Watch.
- Turn off lights and / or sound by team.
- You can send the sound throughout the house with Airplay 2 and bluetooth support
- Apple Watch app - Now you can trigger a scoring play right from the watch.
- Rich Notifications - When team scores a run that exists in myTeams a notification will be sent with the team that scored, who scored, and current score.
- Apple Watch notifications support.


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