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There are countless people who have suffered the loss of a child-- whether years ago, or in the recent past.
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Beauty Unnoticed
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There are countless people who have suffered the loss of a child-- whether years ago, or in the recent past. Many of these stories often remain untold, with hidden grief that remains buried, and departed children whose beauty still remains unnoticed.

Danielle Rose’s 6th original album, “Beauty Unnoticed,” was written and recorded as she labored through the pain of child loss following the stillbirth of her daughter and the miscarriage of her son. This musical memorial captures the raw, interior portrait of surrender, and the hope-filled discovery of beauty borne in the midst of tragic suffering. For anyone seeking to travel the bridge from grief to healing, these songs will be a faithful companion.

The Beauty Unnoticed app is an intimate accompaniment to anyone grieving the loss of a child. The app offers a distraction-free environment to encounter God in prayer through music. The journey from grief to healing requires courage to face our interior sufferings, rather than distracting ourselves from our pain.

The Beauty Unnoticed App can be a personal ChAPPel where one enters to intentionally spend quality time in musical meditation. It represents an invitation to notice the hidden beauty that remains unnoticed by the busy world. Amidst the noise and distractions of life, “Beauty Unnoticed” offers solace for the grieving soul.

Thank you for sharing the Beauty Unnoticed app to offer Christ’s hope and healing with others who have suffered the loss of a child or loved one.


-The story behind the album
-Exclusive digital streaming of the music (available as in-app purchase)
-Picturesque lyric videos (included with in-app purchase of music)
-Complete song lyrics
-Ability to send a message or prayer request to Danielle Rose
-Opportunity to share your own story of loss
-Ongoing musical memorial of departed children and loved ones


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Arabic, English, German, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Spanish


iPhone, iPad


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