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BioMole Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - BioMole

An introduction to the structure and function of the large biological molecules that govern life.

This giveaway offer has been expired. BioMole is now available on the regular basis.

BioMole is an interactive introduction to the structure and function of the large biological molecules that govern life. This app is especially appropriate as a companion for an introductory Biology course at the college level or serious high school level. But it can also be used on its own for those with an interest in how life operates at the molecular level.

BioMole begins with a discussion of chemical bonding, then introduces the functional groups that give molecules personality. The four classes of macromolecules are discussed in some detail with a focus on proteins. A large section titled Protein Survey offers many examples of proteins and the wide variety of tasks they accomplish.

All the molecular models in BioMole are three dimensional and interactive. Molecules can be moved, scaled and rotated. Those using spheres to represent atoms can have their atoms scaled from ball & stick models to spacefill models. Many molecules have simple animations showing, among other things, important reactions.

Some animations of biological concepts featuring proteins are also included such as the operation of the Na-K pump, an enzyme in action and events at a synapse. All animations have multiple slides with overlays pointing out relevant participants and events.

The interface is configurable. Six choices of background tints are user selectable. The text box disappears with a tap, reappears with two. You can adjust the opacity of the textbox background. The lighting angle can be adjusted. Yep, had to include BioMole in the Entertainment category too but it is most definitely Educational as well.

The molecules for BioMole have been selected and the displays customized for educational purposes. This is not a molecular “viewer” with some text added. I have taught AP Biology for over twenty years as well as a Computer Graphics & Animation which has led me to develop BioMole








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