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Bird's Forest Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Bird's Forest

Complete bird painting puzzles to reveal the diverse Moments hidden in the forest.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Bird's Forest is now available on the regular basis.

Wood Mountain is a forest that has never been explored. The birds here are sealed in the shadow of daylight. You enter the forest and catch the birds with baskets and food to remove shadows from them. Complete bird painting puzzles to reveal the diverse Moments hidden in the forest. Collect puzzle pieces in the forest and piece together the landscape paintings of each moment. Let the bird land on your finger and play with the bird. Collect sketches brought by birds, print them and color them your way. Collect bookmarks thrown by birds, print them as gifts. Add bird toys to the forest and use toy magic combinations to achieve the desired effect. Finally, a 326-piece, hand-drawn huge puzzle awaits your challenge. And, hatch cute baby birds...!

● CAPTURE AND RECOVER BIRDS: Place food to attract birds, pull the rope to cover them with a basket, remove their seal and let them return to freedom, and you will get Bird-Painting Puzzles.
● CHOOSE BIRD-CATCHING EQUIPMENT:5 baskets with different characteristics and 5 different leaf discs, a certain combination of baskets and leaf discs can attract the attention of certain birds.
● PLACE BIRD'S FAVORITE FOOD: Different birds like different foods. Come and try!
● CREATIVELY DESIGNED PUZZLES: All puzzles are creatively designed, this is a puzzle game you have never played.
● INTERESTING BIRD KNOWLEDGE: Complete bird puzzles to gain bird knowledge. It turns out that every bird is very interesting, why didn’t I know before... Come and expand your bird knowledge base.
● PURELY HAND-PAINTED HUGE PUZZLE:A pen light color painting puzzle composed of 326 pieces, each piece is hand-painted design, as well as amazing watercolor overflow effect, challenge your limit!
● 28 SKETCHES, PRINT AND PAINT: Birds will fly to all over the world to bring line sketches, print and color your way, and complete your exclusive work.
● 42 PRINTABLE BOOKMARKS: Collect creative bookmarks from birds, print them and cut them out, and give them to friends as hand-made gifts.
● 10 SPECIAL BIRD TOYS: Collect gold coins to get toy capsules. Birds will play on the toys. Each toy has unique magical abilities.
● TOY MAGIC COMBINATION STRATEGY: Combine the magic of different toys and use your imagination.
● 28 ORIGINAL HAND-PAINTED BIRD PUZZLES: Pen and watercolor style bird painting puzzles, each one is a unique creative design.
● 14 ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR LANDSCAPE PUZZLES: Gorgeous watercolor landscape paintings, waiting for you to lift the veil.
● LOOKING FOR BABY BIRDS IN THE NESTS: Capture and restore the mate birds, and you will find their baby in the nest.
● OTHER INTERESTING CONTENT: Birds build nests in trees, bird droppings are good fertilizer, mushrooms grow in the rain and snow, and high winds can blow puzzle pieces away. . . and much more.
● PAINTING AND PROSE: Each landscape painting puzzle is accompanied by meaningful text, experience it with your heart.
● ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK:8 original music appears in different Moments scenes, you can collect them when you discover new moments
● FOREST ANIMALS: Squirrels sometimes appear in the forest, eating grass seeds and other food. Catch squirrels with baskets and turn them into your pets. Feed the squirrels, they will help you collect grass seeds. Also, squirrels will gradually grow up!
● INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION BY ONE PERSON: The game design, code, art, music and text works are all independently made by LINKE YU.


MAORE Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.






545.16 MB




English, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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