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Bops Music: Listen together Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Bops Music: Listen together

Bops Music lets you share and listen with friends in real-time.

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Bops Music lets you share and listen with friends in real-time. Ever wonder what your sister's top songs were? Want to listen to music at the same time while on a jog? Do you feel stuck in a loop of the same songs? Do you enjoy finding new music? Do you want an easier way to share music with the people you feel close to? Want to make listening to music more exciting? Do you have Spotify and want to listen together?

The vision of Bops is to become the largest platform to share and discuss music. Bops lets you hit play on what others are listening to directly in-app. Vibe to new beats and discover them together.

Bops creates a timeline of what your friends are listening to and keeps you connected. It's a free music app for Spotify users to share their saved songs, recently played, top songs, top artists, and playlists with friends.

Find new genres. Find new artists. Find new favorite songs. Share more music. Be the DJ as others vibe out to your music around the world.

The ability to view your friends saved, recently played, top artists and top songs is not currently available in the main Spotify app. This is one of the best apps to listen to music together.

Bops was built to enable conversation and simplify music sharing. Save songs you like to your own library. An amazing new music app experience if you have Spotify downloaded. Play and share Spotify songs with friends and it works with both Spotify Basic and Spotify Premium.

Bops features:
- Get insight into what your friends are listening to
- Dual-listening
- Free music app, view top songs, top artists, and playlists
- View recently played music in a timeline format
- View saved music in a timeline format
- Save and listen to music directly in-app
- Shuffle songs throughout the app
- Enjoy ad-free music
- Ability to save to your Spotify library without leaving the app
- Ability to follow other users
- One of the best new free music apps.
- Share music for free online.

Need help or have feedback? Email contact@bopsmusic.com. We would love to hear from you.


Map2Next, Inc.






60.38 MB






iPhone, iPad

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