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Brainbean - Brain Games for Kids Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Brainbean - Brain Games for Kids

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Creative brain games for kids (and adults)!

This giveaway offer has expired. Brainbean - Brain Games for Kids is now available on the regular basis.

Creative brain games for kids (and adults)!

Exercise creativity and play with your brain like never before. Unique games perfect for ages 10 to 110. Puzzles, memory games, drawing challenges, and other educational games.

• Letter List
• Incomplete Figure
• Remote Association
• Pattern Tiles
• Word Scramble
• Mosaic Colors
• Lost Connections
• Block Builder

"With its diversity of games, Brainbean provides both cognitive and creative challenges that will appeal to children and adults alike." - TUAW

Brainbean combines time-tested creativity techniques with the touch-capable power of the iPad in order to help you or your children:

• Build creative confidence
• Test working memory
• Craft resourcefulness
• Energize imagination
• Boost problem solving skills
• Tinker and explore problems

"This week's best iPad app" - Gizmodo

Brainbean offers eight unique brain teasers based on scientific creative exercises. You and your kids can pick-up Brainbean for a quick brain teaser, or play for an hour or more to get the most creative benefits. Not only that, Brainbean is GREAT for classroom learning!

"Brainbean is a colorful, kid-friendly game that will boost your students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills." - Class Tech Tips

There are hundreds of ways to explore each game, so you’ll never be bored with Brainbean, exclusively on your iPad.

"Brainbean stands out thanks to the quality of the artwork and the variety of challenges on offer." - MSN Best New Apps

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*** If you have any questions or problems with Brainbean, please contact me by visiting brainbeanapp.com ***

Brainbean is designed to entertain and challenge all levels of creativity, young and old. Whether your child is 10 years old or older, each game intelligently adapts difficulty to match their creative capabilities and offer a rewarding challenge for their growing brain. They'll have to think creatively to win.

Re-discover just how creative your children (or you!) can be with Brainbean, creative brain training. Try it today!

The research behind the development and direction of Brainbean stems from notable researchers and creative professionals such as Teresa Amabile, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Alice Flaherty, Steven Pressfield, Sir Ken Robinson, Twyla Tharp, Todd Henry, Michael Michalko, Tom and David Kelley, Steven Johnson, James Webb Young, David Burkus, David Goldstein, Edward de Bono, Tina Seelig, and countless more.

Brainbean was made by Tanner Christensen, and independent developer and creator of best-selling/featured iOS creativity apps: Prompts, Oflow, and Drwer.


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