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BT Notification for Smartwatch Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - BT Notification for Smartwatch

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Find your lost Bluetooth device quickly, before its battery runs out!

This giveaway offer has expired. BT Notification for Smartwatch is now available on the regular basis.

*** Now you can find your lost Bluetooth device quickly, before its battery runs out!
*** This app can help you Find Your Lost Bluetooth devices in seconds. Use it when you or your family misplace the device – and save the money you'd otherwise need to spend on a new one!

1. Run the app. Find and select your lost device in the list.
2. Move around slowly and keep watching the data (i.e., the signal strength and estimated distance) on the radar screen. When you get close to your lost device, the spot will turn red on the radar screen.
3. When the signal strength is over 90 and the estimated distance is 0 - 0.5m, look around. Your device won't be far away!
4. Get all important device information
5. Perform supported actions from smartwatch
6. Smartwatch can connect to iPhone and original phone together.
Note: When you try to find your device, please walk slowly and watch the radar carefully. Find your device ASAP, or its battery will run out.
Note: Your Bluetooth device must be powered on and within a detectable range.

You may enable tracking for devices in the background by turning on the switch next to the device on the list. You will receive a notification when your tracked device is disconnected/lost. The application will ping the tracked devices from time to time and remember the last location and time the device was seen.

• Find your lost Bluetooth device (with BLE signal advertising). The app is easy to use!
• Track your device constantly in the background with this app. A notification will tell you when your tracked device is 'Lost' (i.e., Disconnected). Also, the last detected time and location will be recorded for you. It's very useful when you’re travelling and want to keep your devices safe.
• Find your device using our radar. It's fun! No need to read a manual.
• Show hints, signal strength and the estimated distance between you and your lost device to help you find it quickly.


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