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Bug Bomber Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Bug Bomber

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Bug Bomber is a classic action puzzle game.
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Bug Bomber
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Bug Bomber is a classic action puzzle game . Your board is full of red, yellow and blue bugs. Destroy all the bugs using the colored bombs dropping from above. Sequences of four or more of the same color will clear that entire sequence. 21 levels of difficulty and 3 different speeds make this game easy to grasp, but harder to finish at the higher levels and speeds.

Have a friend join you in a 2 player game. Each player is given an identical board of bugs and bomb color sequence to keep things fair. Clearing 2 or more sequences in one drop will send penalty bombs to your opponent. The first to clear the bugs from their board wins!

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Jason Sanford






84.3 MB






iPhone, iPad

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