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Bumperoid: Golden Meteoroid Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Bumperoid: Golden Meteoroid

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A puzzle arcade game with detailed physics.
$1.99 EXPIRÉ

This giveaway offer has been expired. Bumperoid: Golden Meteoroid is now available on the regular basis.

=> Bump Everywhere & Crush Your Stress.
=> Fly with your Thumb. Simple Control.
=> Explore Universe beyond Imagination.

=> Bumperoid is a New Kind of Physics Arcade + Puzzle Mix.
=> It's Unique & Original, Bright & Colorful, Funny & Joyful.
=> It will make you Smile and Happy.

----- SUMMARY -----

Cosmic Dusts turn into Materialized Objects & Clutter our Universe.
Bump & Crush them back to Cosmic Dusts.
Bumperoids are Indestructible! But Beware of Black Holes.
Complete Missions before Time runs out.
Let's make our Universe Bright & Clean. It's Bumperoid's Duty!


=> It's a New Kind of Arcade & Puzzle Mix with Physics.

* Nonstop actions with simple thumb control to bump & crush.
* It's a colorful universe with many different objects & creatures.
* Physics applies in this universe.
* Just slide anywhere on your screen & Bumperoid will follow your direction.
* Complete different kinds of Missions by controlling Bumperoid.
* Everything can be done by just bumping.

=> Entire Universe is Bright and Colorful with Funny Creatures.

* Funny creatures with different facial expressions.
* More excitement with joyful music and sound effects.
* Simple thumb control anywhere on your entire screen.
* From graphics to sound effects, it is full of joy to play.
* Bump & crush space objects as well as your stress. It's by design.

=> It's a Deep Space Adventure beyond Imagination.

* Bump & crush Meteoroids, catch Shooting Stars, cover Black Holes & more.
* Take a Power-Up and become super-powered Bumperoid! Bump & bounce everywhere.
* Power-Ups change Bumperoid's physics for a short time.
* Beware of dangerous object like Neutrons and Black Holes & glide away from them.
* Collect Gems, and get Diamonds. They are the rewards for making the universe clean.
* 75+ Missions, jam-packed with actions and puzzles, plus More.
* See what can be done by just bumping. Hours of fun.

=> Unique 'Slide & Glide Control' developed for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

* Fly around, bump and crush with your thumb. Just slide & flick.
* Just slide anywhere on your screen & Bumperoid will follow your direction.
* Easy to learn & easy to have fun bumping.
* No joystick lookalike control. Entire screen is yours to use.
* Individually optimized to use thumb for all different screen size of devices.

=> Facebook & Game Center Custom Leaderboards for EXP.

* Experience accumulates. All actions you take will accumulate to EXP.
* Just log in to Facebook and Game Center to see your rankings.
* Check out friends leaderboard & global leaderboard rankings.
* Achievements are also supported for Game Center. Don't forget to check out.

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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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