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Butterfly - Highlight Cover Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Butterfly - Highlight Cover

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Download cover icons in galleries in just a few clicks and then edit your cover art.
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Butterfly - Highlight Cover
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Instagram is one of the most noticeable social media applications these days. The most important detail of your profile is your highlight story covers. You're in the right place to change these highlight story covers and create an interesting instagram profile. With this amazing app you can download dozens of instagram highlight story cover icon.

Highlight Cover Maker is a very simple application that allows you to download effective and interesting covers from each other. With this application, you can download cover icons in galleries in just a few clicks and then edit your cover art.

- Dozens of different icon gallery
- Cover images suitable for Instagram theme
- Marble, pink, black and white, retro, green and dozens of different icons set

Edit your profile now. You can have a stunning instagram profile.

How To?

Log into any gallery within the application.
Choose your favorite cover image.
Download to your phone with the download button of the screen.
Go to your Instagram profile.
Click on your story.
Click edit cover image.
Select the image you downloaded from your gallery and your profile is ready.


Emre Erkis






37.09 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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