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Call Recorder & Transcriber Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Call Recorder & Transcriber

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'Awesome Call Recorder' App is one of the best ways to record a regular phone call conversation.
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Call Recorder & Transcriber
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'Awesome Call Recorder' App is one of the best ways to record a regular phone call conversation. We use the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology to record the phone call conversation in the cloud with the best possible quality.

Also, we use the Best-In-Class ML/AI (machine learning and artificial intelligence) engine to transcribe phone calls in case you need to transform recorded audio files into readable text that includes speaker separation, time codes, and more.

Outgoing, Incoming, Ongoing Phone Calls.
No Subscription.
No Ads.
Fast Transcribing.
No Wi-Fi Calling.
3-Way Merging is Optional.
Easy share Audio and Transcripts.

!!The USA And Canada Phones Only!!
Currently, our app and service work for (+1) country code.
However, you can call any country and record phone conversations through the 'Merge And Call' button. For more information, please read the user guide on our website.

!!Transcription properly works for English, Spanish, and French!!
The App will record a call in any existing language.
However, for now, we can properly transcribe only English, Spanish, and French.

A Call Recorder App lets you:
- Record phone calls in perfect quality.
- Record incoming or outgoing calls or calls you are already on, even if you are in headphones.
- Record conference call (if your plane and the conference support merging lines).
- Get timestamped transcription of the recorded phone call conversation if needed.
- Share recorded audio files and transcribed conversations as a text document.
- Simple pricing and billing without any hidden fees.

Very simple:
- Once you download the app, you receive 60 Credit Minutes.
- SignUp with your Phone Number.
- Tap the 'Record A Call' button and choose or dial the destination number.
- Tap the 'Merge And Record' button on the bottom left if you are already on the call.
- Go to the history of recorded calls and playback the recorded audio files whenever you want.
- Request Transcription to transform recorded audio files into readable text documents.
- Share audio and text files through email.
- Purchase extra minutes when you need them.

Who needs A Call Recorder App?

Any Agents, Sales Professionals, Real Estates Agents, Patients, Students, Secretary, Doctors, Attorneys, Job Candidates, Teachers, Contractors, Business Owners, Finance Professionals, HR Professionals, Partners, Elderly People, Journalists, Remote Workers, Politicians, Assistants, Private Investigators, Job Recruiters, etc.


AnswerSolutions LLC






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iPhone, iPad

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