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Callisto By KRON Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Callisto By KRON

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Simplify navigation of your photos and videos.
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Callisto By KRON
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The iPhone has sparked a photo/video revolution. Never have so many people had continuous access to a camera. Never have so many people taken so many photos and videos. And never has it been so difficult to find a particular image, scrolling through row after row, grid after rigid grid.

CALLISTO by KRON uses KRONxARC technology to simplify navigation of your photos and videos, excelling at simultaneously visualizing "Arcs" of multiple albums across time. Instantly identify the time and cadence of when photos were taken and in what numbers. Quickly preview thumbnails to find the images you are looking for. Easily share photos with friends, family and on social media.

This new "Satellite" App from the KRON Suite of Apps is created for a specialized photo and video visualization experience.  

While our flagship app KRON offers access to a single photo album (Recents), CALLISTO offers an expanded capability to access all albums on your iPhone and iPad.

· Navigate and view thumbnails of your photos and videos quickly using simple, familiar gestures
· Assign separate "Arcs" to individual albums
· Review multiple photo albums simultaneously (Exclusive on CALLISTO)
· Quickly pan across time scales via the zoom-slider and short-cut buttons
· Reveal a holistic overview when zoomed out - a KRON App signature feature
· Open items in the detail pop-up mode and swipe horizontal to advance forward and back
· Interactive touch screen options to quickly:
· Tag a significant item to add a glow to find it again easily
· Open an item in the detail pop-up mode
· Center an item on the "Beam"
· Customize the color of an album "Arc" display
· Instantly access your camera from within CALLISTO (via the "+" button)
· See your collection organized daily in the "List" mode (via the arrow button)

We love fan mail and feedback. We encourage you to email us at support@kronarc.com or via https://www.kronarc.com whenever you please.

Start experiencing the new flow of time - Download and Enjoy!


Nectelier Inc.


Photo & Video




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iPhone, iPad

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