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Carp - 21 Day No Complaint Challenge Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Carp - 21 Day No Complaint Challenge

21 Day No Complaint Challenge

This giveaway offer has been expired. Carp - 21 Day No Complaint Challenge is now available on the regular basis.

verb: to complain constantly, typically about trivial matters
"Suzie always finds something to carp about, which is why we left her in Mexico."


Complaining is a nasty habit just like biting fingernails, smoking and stealing warm socks from the laundromat.

Carp was developed to help break this habit and to permanently reduce the amount of complaining that we do in our daily lives. As a result you'll find your life improving in a number of ways, not limited to the following.
-- men and women will find you sexier
-- babies will smile at you
-- animals will respect your personal space
-- your barista will spell your name correctly
-- you'll get less Paxil ads in your FB feed

Unlike the science used in those examples, actual science has proven the following: your word choice directly impacts your thoughts. Your thoughts directly affect your actions and emotions.

Stated simply - complaining causes us to be less happy.

Download Carp and start your 21 Day Challenge. On Day 1, share your mission with friends and family and have them hold you accountable. If you complain, they should call you out.

Every time you complain, you reset your Carp Clock back to Day 1. By doing this, you'll start to build and maintain a continuous focus on your words. Eventually, you'll find yourself refraining from negative speak.

You'll likely fail often, particularly the first couple weeks. Don't worry and DO NOT give up! It's completely natural. Like anything worth doing, it takes effort.

Good luck and make sure to share with us your successes and failures!


-- What is considered a "complaint?"
We define it as "referring to a person or event negatively without including a way to solve the problem."
Example: "My life sucks." = complaint
Example2: "My life could be better and I'm making efforts to get it there, such as downloading Carp." = not a complaint

-- How can I send this to my mother-in-law without jeopardizing our inheritance?
You can send Carp anonymously at

-- How do you justify charging for an app that simply counts?
Paying for the app creates a psychological commitment, and as our friend Peter Drucker says: “Unless Commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes … but no plans.” Also, keep in mind that this potentially life-changing app costs half that of your Caramel Latte.

-- I completed the challenge, what do I do now?
Post that ish on FB and get ready for your better life.


Aron Beaver






5.03 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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