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Cee Speed Camera & GPS Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Cee Speed Camera & GPS

Cee warns you of any upcoming radars, road accidents, traffic, etc.
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Cee Speed Camera & GPS
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Your safety is our concern, Cee warns you of any upcoming radars, road accidents, traffic or unexpected road changes, so you can enjoy your journey.


Being late is a thing of the past, Cee shows upcoming traffic that you can avoid to arrive on time for your meetings, flights, and other important events. You don’t have to worry about finding the best route anymore, Cee will find the most optimized route for you to get anywhere on time.


Traffic is the ultimate fuel burner, idling in traffic can cause your car to consume more fuel. Cee helps you find the best routes to avoid traffic, evade the extra consumed fuel, and cut costs.


Cee has a very simple, straightforward, and easy to use UI. It is easy to learn and won’t distract you while you drive.


Our Admins are specially selected, dedicated and trusted to put correct information so you can always be sure about what you receive.


Every corner of the app has been designed to be aesthetic, good-looking, and simple.

You can also customize the app based on your preferences, the cursor can be made to look like your car, or change the color to your favorite one.


All the data has been entered by local people from your city and country, Cee is a community that help one another achieve an efficient driving experience everyday.


Rebin Aziz






59.43 MB




Arabic, English, Turkish


iPhone, iPad


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