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Check Yo Self! Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Check Yo Self!

Check Yo Self is a platform for Creative Communities.
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Check Yo Self!
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Check Yo Self is a platform for Creative Communities. It is intended to keep us connected and coordinate our use of bleeding edge technology with our teamwork and interpersonal interactions. Check Yo Self is the first piece of technology intended to work with each teammate as they go through their progressions. Like any good quarterback, film director or executive chef, we are each identifying a goal and stumbling through the steps necessary to reach that end. CollabRjabbR helps you think inwardly a bit about yourself and outwardly about the people and environment around you as you play.There are 6 different games built in to this app:1. CheckIN which is intended to be played every time you enter and exit a MEETUp2. BRAINSTORM which is intended to be played anytime you are in that spitballin', throw everything against the wall, think outside the box Phase of CollabRation3. DEVELOPMENT is intended to be played anytime a player has inputed a significant number of Sensorial Elements in to their Project CUBE in more introspective moments4. ALIGN should be played when Teams are discovering each other's Sensorial Elements and working to draw the connections between the data points5. IMPROVE is intended to be played as each player goes back to their side of the CUBE Project and adds more Elements and works to find ways to 6. and finally MAKE, the Phases you should play when you are looking to export your ideas beyond your Team's CUBE, print out your restaurant or just add all of the Sensorial Elements together and create a leave-behind. And each Phase of CollabRation has levels up from content to bliss. Players gain status each time they MAKE something because Check Yo Self is intended to be played along with a creative project such as creating an advertisement, webisode or album. As your teammates define their roles, add content to the project and value to the team, the game helps us all keep track of WHY we were a more Effective CollabRator at a particular moment and HOW a particular creative output came to be more successful as it relates to our stated Project Goals. In addition to the intangible data the app takes in through the 20Q games, players are encouraged to connect devices such as Fitbit and Health/Mindful, connect health app(HealthKit) to read and track step count, sleep, heart rate and glucose for which they can exponentially increase the feedback they receive from the data and their team. We call this tangible data. And as you play you can receive JabbRGems which are redeemable for CollabRation Gear.Teams are established through Check Yo Self's CUBE management. This is an additional aspect of the platform that is available at And this data allows us to have much more concrete assessments within our creative practice that correlate much more directly to momentary changes along the did we help our teammate? When exactly did I push you to that great idea? What was it that made that thing we made so awesome? And by having momentary data to observe, we are all able to practice our craft and be mindful of our successes (and of course, fail better too!)We really hope this all finds its way in to an essential part of your creative life and that you will let us know what you think - our cell phones are linked all along the way...enjoy your day!








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