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Circles! minigames Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Circles! minigames

No matter, what you're doing, there are times where you just want to take a short break.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Circles! minigames is now available on the regular basis.

No matter, what you're doing, there are times where you just want to take a short break. With Circles!, you get a selection of four fun & easy to use minigames right at your fingertips. Select the ideal game for your situation and challenge your friends on who can get the best score.

With iPad support, you can now do a task on one side of the screen, and have Circles! ready on the other side! What a time to be alive! ;)


Within ten seconds, you just have to push a simple button as often as possible. What sounds quite easy, gets more challenging the more you play it in reality. Can you climb just to #1 of the global leaderboard?

Same rules go for Catch! as they go for Push! So, what's the difference then? Well, not only is the button now dramatically smaller, but it also moves it unpredictably. Whereas playing Push! you are challenged to push as fast as you can, playing Catch!, you also have to prove good reaction abilities.

As the same suggests, the Hold! minigame is just about holding the button as long as possible. To keep being motivated, an info label is updated regularly out of a database with > 100 custom slogans. Can you reach the 1 hour milestone?

While the basic rules are the same for Track! as they are for Hold!, it's quite harder to play: The button constantly moves and you should try not to lose it. Ultimately getting even faster, Track! is a game that's challenging forever – the sky is the limit!

You want to try at least one of these exciting minigames? Grab you copy of Circles! minigames now ;)


Frederick Pietschmann






22.75 MB






iPhone, iPad

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