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Coloring Studio Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Coloring Studio

“Coloring Studio” will help you become a color expert.
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Coloring Studio
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“Coloring Studio” will help you become a color expert. Its color wheel is based on 24 basic hues, and it includes 53 concepts including single hues, achromatic, monochromatic, analogous, tertiary triads, quaternary triads, tetrad, warm color, hot colors. Swatches allow you to find the CMYK, HEX, and RGB values for any color. “Coloring Studio” also includes 22 professional color schemes to ensure you’re able to make the correct color decision every time. It is the next step up from the great success story of its predecessor: "Color As Hue".

It is a well known fact that color affects our mood, making us feel: cheery, happy, sad, energetic, elegant, calm, etc. Unfortunately, our memory, when it comes to choosing colors, is indeed very poor. “Coloring Studio” is here to alleviate the frustration that most of us experience when having to make color decisions. 

You will become an instant expert in the topic:

1 - Learning the basics of color
2 - Becoming familiar with the color wheel
3 - Finding color combinations that work

Here are some of the color concepts you will master:

01 Achromatic
02 Analogous
03 Clash
04 Complementary
05 Monochromatic
06 Primary
07 Secondary
08 Tertiary
09 Quarternary
10 Split-Complementary
11 Triad
12 Tetrad
13 Warm Color
14 Hot Colors
15 RGB Color codes
16 CMYK Color codes
17 HEX Color codes

With 22 professional color schemes for you to pick from, you will be able to make the correct color decision every time, creating the mood you want for every occasion. Use these concepts and schemes to choose colors for house painting, architecture, websites, blogs, applications, advertising, brochures, posters, flyers, catalogues, promotions, shows, museums, and more. Here is the list of the color schemes you will find in “Color As Hue”:

10 Moving
02 Elegant
03 Soft
04 Friendly
05 Welcoming
06 Romantic
07 Tropical
08 Calm
09 Energetic
10 Subdued
11 Professional
12 Rich
13 Powerful
14 Vital Color
15 Earthly
16 Fresh
17 Traditional
18 Refreshing
19 Classic
20 Dependable
21 Regal
22 Magical

No more guess work, “Color As Hue” provides winning color schemes for any project. Get Yours Today!


Roberto Antonio Campusano Acosta






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iPhone, iPad

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