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Crowd Cover Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Crowd Cover

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Introducing Crowd Cover - your essential companion for nights out in your area!

This giveaway offer has expired. Crowd Cover is now available on the regular basis.

Know Before You Go!

Introducing Crowd Cover - your essential companion for nights out in your area!

Discover Local Bars:
Find names, age limits, opened hours, and more about all of the bars near you.
Find your go-to spots and discover new favorites!

Real-Time Updates:
Say goodbye to surprise cover charges!
Thanks to our active community, you'll always know the latest cover fees before you head out.

Location-Based Verification:
Rest assured, our location-based verification ensures the accuracy of every update.
Only users near a bar can contribute, making sure you get reliable information.

Join the Crowd:
Be a part of our growing community by keeping fellow nightlife enthusiasts informed.
When you go to the bar, verify and update the covers!

Crowd Level Insights:
Stay informed about the crowd levels at your favorite bars.
Know whether it's a quiet night or a packed party before you decide to go out.

Track Trends:
Pay attention to how cover charges change over time and plan accordingly!

Share the love and ensure everyone enjoys their nights out without breaking the bank.
Download Crowd Cover now and always Know Before You Go!

Disclaimer: Crowd Cover provides information on local bar cover charges and nightlife options. We do not endorse underage drinking, excessive alcohol consumption, or drinking and driving. Users are responsible for their actions and should consume alcohol responsibly and adhere to legal drinking age regulations.


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iPhone, iPad

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