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Cryptific Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Cryptific

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Send messages safely without worrying about compromising your sensitive information!
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Welcome! Security starts from your physical device in hand, right? Even though some of your data is encrypted in transit doesn't mean you don't need to protect the data at rest. Both types of data are vulnerable to security threats; such as interception, theft, or unauthorized access.
You are here because you take your privacy seriously and with Cryptific, you can send messages safely without worrying about compromising your sensitive information from anyone who get access to your physical devices, your phone in this case. You can take these few easy steps to get started with the app and send/receive sensitive information securely.

If you are the sender
• Establish a secure code with the person receiving your message which should change often to be more secure
• Tap on Send, enter your secret code and encrypt your message, Select if you would like the message to expire or not ( The default value is 24 hours )
• Send the encrypted message using a platform of your choosing

If you are the receiver
• Tap on Receive
• Enter the encrypted message and the same secret code that was used to send the message
• View the original message


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