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CurrencyCam Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - CurrencyCam

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This is the most advanced, easiest to use and robust currency converter.
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Thousands of Users. This is the most advanced, easiest to use and robust currency converter. Just point the camera scanner or use the Snapshot, CurrencyCam does the rest.

Our special algorithms automatically detect all global currency formats so it can be used in any country with ease. And it detects your location's currency automatically.

CurrencyCam has a manual mode if you want to just type in the prices to be converted yourself. Exchange rates are automatically streamed from our servers but you can use your own rates if you want.

Don't tolerate old-fashioned currency converters, they are outdated and require too much fiddling. Our new technology lets the camera do all the work. It's instant, accurate, magic, robust and fun to use. Just point the camera.


- Instant currency conversions for all currencies. Great for shopping.
- Snapshot with full screen conversion, great for menus or financial reports.
- Convert prices in a pic from your photo library.
- Enable location services to automatically set the base currency as you travel across borders.
- Converted prices can appear in a boxed border for easier visibility, or no border.
- Hugely improved scanning quality and super quick.
- Recognition of all global currency formats.
- Manual currency conversions for all currencies using the keyboard.
- Auto market currency conversion rates from our servers.
- Your favourite currencies Watch List.
- Historic Charts for all currencies..
- Use your own exchange rates if you want.
- Some favourite Crypto Currencies included.

Visit https://lootlens.com for additional information. Use of Lootlens Currency Cam is subject to our Terms and Conditions and you can find these along with our Privacy and Security policy on the website.


Lootlens Pty Ltd






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iPhone, iPad

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