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DataSpace - Album Encryption Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - DataSpace - Album Encryption

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DataSpace provides file encryption cloud storage to ensure user file data security.
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DataSpace - Album Encryption
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DataSpace provides file encryption cloud storage to ensure user file data security.

【Product Features】

1. The 【high-intensity asymmetric encryption】algorithm is used to encrypt user file data, and each file key is different.
It cannot be decrypted without a user password.

2. Use the 【Server Free Storage Key】technology to ensure file security
(Please remember the password. If the password is forgotten, the file cannot be unlocked).

3. Provide cloud backup function to ensure that data can be recovered when the device is lost.

4. Support users to freely control the "cloud / local" file properties.

5. Provide a variety of file import methods, including photo albums, cameras, other applications, and more.

6. Support online viewing of multimedia files, as well as advanced provincial traffic offline caching technology.

7. Support various file views, including MP4/MP3/DOC/PPT/PDF/ZIP.

8. Support for custom folder systems.

9. Support automatic lock screen to protect privacy and security.

10. Support file sharing.

11. Provide 100MB of free space.

【Automatic Subscription Service Description】

1. Subscription service: DataSpace continuous monthly subscription 5GB (1 month), DataSpace continuous monthly subscription 25GB (1 month), DataSpace continuous monthly subscription 100GB (1 month)

2. Package prices may vary by country

3. Payment: The user confirms the purchase and payment and counts into the iTunes account.

4. Apple's iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours before expiration. After the deduction is successful, the subscription period will be postponed for one subscription period.

5. To cancel the subscription, please open the Apple mobile phone "Settings" --> enter "iTunes Store and App Store" --> click "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", enter the "Account Settings" page, click " Subscribe" to manage the automatic subscription service. If you need to cancel, you can close it 24 hours before the end of each billing cycle, and you will not be charged within 24 hours before the expiration. If you do not close your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, this subscription will be automatically renewed.

6. Service Agreement (including continuous monthly service rules): https://web.dataspace.acewu.com/privacy.html#terms

7. Privacy Agreement: https://web.dataspace.acewu.com/privacy.html#privacy


In case of problems or good suggestions, welcome to join the experience group feedback~

Feedback E-Mail: dataspacefeedback@gmail.com


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