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DietWell™ for PKU Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - DietWell™ for PKU

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This iPhone app guides you through your meals, snacks, and calorie information.
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DietWell™ for PKU
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DietWell™ for PKU – is designed to assist in the dietary management of Phenylketonuria (PKU), an inborn error of protein metabolism. This iPhone app guides you through your meals, snacks, and formula intake by offering phenylalanine (phe), dietary protein, formula protein equivalent (P.E.), and calorie information for over 7500 food items, specially manufactured low protein food products, metabolic formula products, Cambrooke recipes and meals, along with your Kuvan® intake, blood levels and wellness - all at the touch of your fingertips.

Use DietWell™ for PKU to:
1) Improve Dietary Compliance- learn about the phe content of your food in order to make better choices. DietWell™ for PKU provides a quick reference to more than 7500 food items. Know what each portion or recipe actually contains. Know when you need to adjust your dietary phe intake. Save your favorite foods to Favorites or add new items, recipes and meals.

2) Prepare Diet Log and export it via email in preparation for Clinic Visit. You can now easily record your dietary protein, supplemental protein, and Kuvan® intake along with your blood levels and wellness using this handy iPhone app. Many U.S. metabolic clinics recommend 3-5 days of dietary records before the clinic visit.

3) Plot data overtime.
DietWell™ for PKU app can help you better understand how dietary compliance correlates to your overall feeling “wellness”.

DietWell™ for PKU features:
• Over 7500 USDA and manufacturers' product data. Includes data on many specialty low protein food items and formula.
• Log data for multiple users.
• Easy search.
• Save your frequently used food items or recipes to Favorites.
• Add new food items, recipes or meals.
• Share custom items, recipes and meals with friends.
• Track of your Kuvan® intake, blood levels and daily wellness.
• Monitor your daily goals with the graphing feature.
• Review, edit, and export to email (by date range) daily log entries by user.
• Enter quantities in three convenient units: gram, ounce, or serving size.
• All data is contained within the app. No Wi-Fi connection is needed except when downloading updates or exporting logs via email.
• Free frequent updates adding more nutrients, recipes, and formula products.
• Help us make your diet easier by emailing your suggestions to dietwell@cambrooke.com

Terms of Use: All persons on medically restricted diets should seek the advice of a physician or dietitian when determining which foods and quantities are suitable for their condition. Cambrooke Therapeutics, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the reliability or suitability of the information contained in DietWell™ for PKU app for your circumstances. Nutritional information is provided at the users own risk.

All the data contained herein is part of the public domain as published by the USDA, manufacturer’s data sources, and the company’s database. No warranty regarding the nutritional accuracy is provided. The presentation of this content, the application software, and its trademarks are the copyright of Cambrooke Therapeutics, Inc.

DietWell™ for PKU app is not intended to replace the advice of a nutritionist or health-care professional. Cambrooke Therapeutics recommends regular visits to your metabolic physician or dietitian.


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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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