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digiID PAY + Business Terminal Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - digiID PAY + Business Terminal

First generation payment app!

Questo giveaway è scaduto. digiID PAY + Business Terminal è adesso regolarmente disponibile.

digiID® users #1 add feature request has been to have a way to send other digiID® users money.

Most people that use digiID to store and share important documents when conducting personal business require a transaction of funds after, like buying a used car off of someone on craigslist, renting a new place, or even accepting credit cards at a bake sale.

Introducing digiID® PAY. Be one of the first to download this first generation payment app and help make it the perfect financial utility mobile application with your feedback.

digiID® PAY makes it the fast, easy, and secure way to process and keep track of all your identity verified transactions.

With digiID PAY, users can securely store and share important identification documents and send money to identity verified individuals all within one App.

As always I base all future updates and improvements on user feedback, so please make sure to share your thoughts and help make a better more useful application.

In this digiID PAY version users based in the United States are able to Send and Receive money to a United States phone number.

If the phone number is connected to a digiID® PAY user they receive money directly into their digiID PAY account where they can send to other United States phone numbers or their own United States-based bank accounts.

If the phone number that a user sent money to does not have the digiID PAY app, they will receive a text informing them they received money and to download the app and register their number to access their money.

Combined with the new pay features are all the original digiID® features which are as follows:

Ever been in a situation where you needed to show proof of your age, address, or who you are, and you forgot to bring your driver's license or proof of identification?

Now with digiID®, you can forget your wallet at home, all you need is your phone!

digiID® serves as your SECURE digital identification holder. It acts as your secure handy identification manager where you save, digitize, & manage all your official ID cards.

Never forget your driver’s license again. Have all your identification cards SECURE and with you all the time, without the inconvenience, stress, and added weight of a bulk wallet.

Guided Access must be turned ON for enhanced security.

Tap Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access > On

always activate the guided access lock screen before you hand your iPhone to anyone when your digiID is being inspected.


- Virtual wallet for your driver’s license and all your identification cards - digiID® helps in storing and managing your proof of identification. Keeping track of your records and maintaining your security can be easily done as the app allows you to classify all your government, private, membership, and school identification cards quickly from your digiID™ home screen.

- Blur sensitive information like your address, DL/ID number, and other information you want to hide using our privacy control function.

- Verification. Allow digiID™ access to your social network profile accounts for additional authentication and validation. Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, twitter, and many more coming soon like whitehouse.gov and DiplomaReport. digiID® will cross-reference information using OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) from all your digitized identification to one another and to information from all the social network profiles you have linked to establishing a gauge of verification by (matched information found) making your digiID™ even more trusted, official, and accepted universally at more places, and by more people, organization, institutions, and governments worldwide.
*coming soon

digiID® cross-reference verification™

Digitize everything in your wallet, including insurance cards, medical marijuana licenses, dues cards, passports, military ID, resident permits, green cards, masonic lodge badges, gym memberships, credit cards, and much more.

Trusted. Safe. Reliable.


Adam Shoucair






36.89 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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