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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Disconnect Pro

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Disconnect Pro puts you in control of your privacy and makes your iOS experience faster, safer.
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Disconnect Pro
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Disconnect Pro puts you in control of your privacy and makes your iOS experience faster, safer, and also improves battery life and reduces wasted cellular data.

Your device loads thousands of unencrypted HTTP and DNS connections everyday. These unencrypted connections allow criminals, corporations, and governments to look at any information being sent, or even change the contents of a website before it gets to you. Our SmartVPN technology gives you the power to encrypt ALL your HTTP and DNS connections.
Pro also blocks privacy invasive trackers across your entire device. These trackers violate your privacy, slow page loads, and waste your bandwidth and battery life. We NEVER store or log any traffic routed through our servers and don’t track your IP address or any other personal info, except the info you volunteer.

Our tracker protection sets a DNS in the VPN that blocks domains that track users. Our tracker protection is solely focused on consumer privacy and we have a well defined policy, which you can view here: https://disconnect.me/trackerprotection. We are not an ad blocker and never accept money for whitelisting. Our tracker protection has been integrated into Firefox, Samsung Internet, and other popular browsers and privacy focused applications. In our Pro application you have full control of which trackers are blocked or unblocked.

About us:

- Proud to help protect over 50 million people
- Accolades include winning the Innovation Award for Privacy and Security at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, making the list of Popular Science’s 100 Best of What’s New and being recommended as the New York Times' favorite privacy app 2016, 2017, 2018
- Featured on 60 Minutes, the Today Show, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Wired, and many more
- Public partnerships with leading privacy/security organizations including Consumer Reports, Mozilla, and the EFF

About Disconnect Pro:

- SmartVPN encrypts insecure DNS and HTTP connections
- SmartVPN utilizes servers in numerous geographic locations, auto-routing to the fastest location to improve speed and lower latency
- Blocks invisible tracking and next generation malware (malvertising) threats
- Allows you to actually see the trackers we block and connections we encrypt
- Accelerates page load speeds by up to 44% and reduces bandwidth by up to 39% depending on your device usage!
- Works on Wi-Fi and Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc)
- Supports 32 and 64-bit devices
- Encrypt DNS traffic
- SmartVPN Pro with Secure HTTP is available for $24.99/year
- Secure HTTP won't change your IP for all traffic, just unencrypted traffic that we've routed through the VPN

More info:


Privacy policy:

Terms of use:








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English, German


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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just 1 week free trail, not always free

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