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DMD Clone Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - DMD Clone

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A fully automated cloning camera app.

This giveaway offer has expired. DMD Clone is now available on the regular basis.

DMD Clone is a fully automated cloning camera app. No need for manual adjustments, no preset frames, just shoot, shoot, shoot, done! Share the result on Instagram using #dmdclone#clone and see what other people are creating.

- up to 7 pictures (manual/timer - rear/front camera - flash/torch)
- unlimited number of moving elements
- no need to use a mask, the moving element can be anywhere
- instantaneous result (you get the result while shooting)
- built-in image stabilization, no need to be perfectly still
- when you finish, remove useless moving elements by just tapping on them
- share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or open with your favorite app to re-edit

- take a minimum of 3 pictures (up to 7)
- shoot a moving element over a fixed background (white walls are not your best friends)
- hold the camera still, don't follow the moving element (but you can breathe)
- if you only need to make a "twin", shoot the background first
- avoid too much overlap between 2 consecutive positions (but if you shoot more than 4 images, the algorithm will handle it)
- tap on finish when done
- tap on any moving element to remove, tap again to bring it back
- double-tap on the background to remove all the moving elements, double-tap again to bring them back




Photo & Video




2.14 MB




English, French


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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