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Dog tracker & Mantrailing app Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Dog tracker & Mantrailing app

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With our app it has never been more effective and fun to capture and document your dog training.
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Dog tracker & Mantrailing app
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With our app it has never been more effective and fun to capture and document your dog training.

Main features:
- Extremely accurate GPS tracker
- Possibility to add two tracks on one map (Dog & Runner)
- Detailed weather report
- Import GPX files from other apps
- Export as PDF or GPX
- Print documentation

What is Mantrailing?
Mantrailing is a dog sport that is suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs.
Dogs will be tought to seek out an individual's scent from an article. Before the exercise begins, the dog will sniff an article that the person has touched. They then follow the trail on a long leash attached to a harness, aiming to locate that person.

How to train?
There are many ways to teach a dog to find people. The Kocher Method is only one method used to teach such all over the world, for pet dogs as well as operational dogs.
Most important is, that the training is fun for the dog at all times! Before starting the following equipment might be needed for man trailing;
- A Long Leash
- A Harness
- Old Clothes
- AWESOME Rewards

We hope you and your dog will enjoy our app :-)

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Codement Aps






9.35 MB




Danish, English, French


iPhone, iPad

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