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Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape

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The game that will awaken and stimulate your brain development!

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The finest yet in the Doors&Rooms series!
The game that will awaken and stimulate your brain development!
Everything is perfect! All you need is your reasoning power!
Test and challenge your deduction skills through much more elaborate and solidified stages!

Discover the hidden items located in various rooms and uncover clues to escape.
You may occasionally find items that will unveil secret rooms.
Of course, you must identify the correct ways to use them. The doors to secret rooms aren’t that easy to open!

◆ Featured ◆
# Inference based system linked to acquisition of item located in various rooms
# Breathtaking brain-battles against merciless tricks and riddles
# Unveiling secret rooms by obtaining special items
# Strength level based system that allows multiple stage plays
# Loss of strength by uncovering dangerous objects and strength upgrade system
# Continuous chapter updates

◆ Tips ◆
- A room where you obtain the item may not be the room where you may use the item – Do not linger in one place.
-The place where you obtain the item to open a secret room may not be the same location to use it.
- If your game is over by selecting too many dangerous objects, upgrade your strength.
- If the puzzle is too hard, use the ‘troubleshooter’ to solve the puzzle.

The D&R escape series will be constantly released to stimulate and have positive influence on brain. Please keep your anticipation and interest.

▶ Developers ◀
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamedaycom


gameday Inc.






650.65 MB




English, Korean


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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