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Doses Since Diagnosis Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Doses Since Diagnosis

Doses Since Diagnosis provides a convenient way to create compelling data based on a medical diagnosis.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Doses Since Diagnosis is now available on the regular basis.

Doses Since Diagnosis provides a convenient way to create compelling data based on a medical diagnosis. Capture ongoing medical procedures and/or medication totals. Watch the numbers change on a daily basis. Create beautifully formatted fundraising letters using this data to generate powerful messages. The app comes pre-loaded with many common diagnoses and procedures. Use these or add your own.

No in-app purchases required. This app is free of charge to help find cures for causes that are near and dear to your heart. We sincerely hope this boosts your fundraising!

With Doses Since Diagnosis, you can:
- Create multiple profiles with medical diagnoses
- Personalize each with a photo
- Create recurring medical procedures and/or medication. Watch the numbers update daily.
- Calculate:
- Time since diagnosis (choose from a variety of ways to display the dates)
- Totals by procedure and/or medication
- Total procedures and/or medication
- Display procedure and medication totals in a pie chart by day, week, month, year or since diagnosis date
- Easily create convincing, personalized fundraising letters with the tap of a few buttons. Letters prompt for personalization in key areas.
- Share your data via social media if you choose. (The app does not share any data.)

Generate fundraising letters for your favorite charity using this information. Set up your profile once and let Doses Since Diagnosis do the work from there.

Key Features
- Set up multiple profiles.
- Enter custom conditions, procedures and medication or use those pre-populated for you based on condition.
- Provides totals by procedure and medication and a grand total of all.
- Counts days since diagnosis.
- Easy access to the most common chronic conditions and associated procedures. No internet connection required.
- Social media, messaging and email integration.
- Create fundraising letters with your data plugged in.
- Easily send fundraising letters to family, friends and colleagues.


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