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Dr.Betotte TC Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Dr.Betotte TC

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Supper accurate multi-division programmable metronome.
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Dr.Betotte TC
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Supper accurate multi division programmable metronome—Almost any kind of complex rhythms can be built up easily with six independent note divisions.

• Generate frame level accuracy of pulse.
• 6 independent note divisions.
• Volume slider and mute buttons for each division.
• Visual effects—Pendulum animation, flashing screen.
• Tap tempo.
• Halftime function.
• Adjustable swing feel functions.
• Loop timer.
• Tuning tone generator—adjustable frequency and note.
• Appearance can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Premium Features Accessible To Registered Users (In-App Purchase) :
• Assign your choice of note value, polyrhythm setting, tupet setting or a sequence you created for each divisions.
• Assign your choice of sound sample from preset sounds or your own sounds for each divisions.
• Multi beat mode—Set time-signature and number of bars to repeat. Select arbitrary beats to create complex rhythms. Velocity for each selected beats can be adjusted.
• All of your settings ,including BPM and sound for each division, can be saved for later recall and stored in a playlist.
• Sound-Set—Create a set of sounds for quick sound change.
• Coach functions—Gradual up down / Quiet count. Unlimited number of settings can be saved.
• Sync library and settings on multiple devices via iCloud.
• Runs in background.


Seishu Murakami






32.54 MB






iPhone, iPad

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