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InDreamZz Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - InDreamZz

Do you want to understand what your dreams are saying?

This giveaway offer has expired. InDreamZz is now available on the regular basis.

InDreamZz based on a real dreams prepared by dream specialists and online psychologists.
Do you want to understand what your dreams are saying?

90% of your dreams are about us. Even the emotions that we feel are a big part in finding the meaning. Interpretation should be an encouragement, an uplifting from God.
The interpretation of dreams is an ancient science, with which people seeks to learn about their future, understand and be prepared. After all, the dream once considered one of the ways to communicate with the other world in which everything is known about the future of every person. It is only necessary to recall and review - what were the key moments in your sleep.
Events, Objects, photos, people, voices, actions, ...

This app contains from A to Z guide covering almost all dream meanings and can help us improve our knowledge of dreams.

InDreamZzz app is a unique and dynamic app, lets you effortlessly keep a record of what you search for. Based on your Dreams, InDreamZzz recommends you to use more “UrDream” (An online Interpretations and human based).

Inside the app there are more than hundreds common scenes from our daily dream, based on millions of interpretations and thought experiments all designed to help reveal the truth.
In addition to the sounds and voices inside the app that help you recall your dreams and remember it.


Inhouse Production






24.21 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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