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DrumToolz Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - DrumToolz

DrumToolz completely revolutionizes how you practice the drums.

This giveaway offer has been expired. DrumToolz is now available on the regular basis.

DrumToolz completely revolutionizes how you practice the drums. In a league of its own, it lets you manually input exercises for drum set, marching snare, tenors, and bass drums while generating new creative ideas using what you input, all shown on an editable music score. You can also upload your beats to your social profile, play what other users are playing, save rhythms, practice snare drum rudiments, and learn from a full library of dynamic exercises for both snare drum and drumset! It's perfect for all skill levels, from beginner to extremely advanced, drum gurus.

Practice the simplest to the most complex of beats and rhythms. If you can think of it, you can input it and practice it! Anything from beginner rock beats, to the most complex of jazz beats and fills. Lastly, top off the notes with ornaments: stickings, accents, flams, diddles, and cheese. Input up to 32 measures.

When practicing drum set beats, choosing from a ride cymbal, hihat, hihat foot, kick drum, snare drum, and three toms. Input everything from whole notes to thirtysecond notes and tuplets. Also, for tenors, choose from four tenors and a spock. Bass drums - five bass drums. Marching snare - a realistic marching snare and a ping sound.

Generate new ideas (modifications) using beats that you input into the score. Choose from several modification methods: Add, Shuffle, Substitute, Permutate, Repeat, and Random. Modify individual parts of the beat (ex: kick drum only) or the entire beat if desired.

Custom snare exercises. Choose the time sig, subdivisons, tuplets, stickings, accents, flams, diddles, cheese, drags.

Save the beat in the score for later practice, keeping the modifications if desired. If the modifications are kept, this turns the beat into an endless, dynamic exercise! Each time you generate an exercise, it uses the modifications to give you an entirely new beat.

String together saved rhythms and practice them as one exercise, perfect for practicing beats followed by a drum fill.

Upload your beats to your profile. Find and follow other drummers in the social network. Learn from them as you see and practice what they have uploaded to their profile.

Learn from a full library of dynamic drum set and snare drum exercises, essential and hybrid rudiments included.

For highlighted rhythms, shuffle around groups of notes, stickings, accents, flams, diddles, and cheese.

*** Features full details ***
- MANUALLY INPUT any beat for drum set, marching snare, tenors, and bass drums;
- DRUM SET: ride cymbal, hihat, hihat foot, snare drum, and three toms. 
- TENORS: Four tenors and a spock
- MARCHING SNARE - Snare and ping sound
- BASS DRUMS - Five bass drums
Whole notes to thirtysecond notes. Tuplets of any kind: 3:2 quarters, 3:2 eighths, 5:4 sixteenths, 7:6 sixteenths, etc. Stickings, accents, flams, diddles, cheese (ornaments).
- GENERATE NEW BEAT IDEAS using several methods: Add, Permutate, Shuffle, Substitute, Random, Repeat.
- CUSTOMIZE snare exercises, choosing the time time signature, subdivisions and tuplets you want to practice, along with stickings, accents, flams, diddles, cheese, and drags.
- FIND AND FOLLOW OTHER USERS. See and practice what they've uploaded.
-SEARCH for user-uploaded rhythms by name or by tags.
- LEARN FROM A FULL LIBRARY of literally endless, dynamic exercises, snare drum and drum set.
- BROWSE AND PRACTICE RUDIMENTS. 40 essential rudiments and many hybrid rudiments.
- EDITABLE SCORE. Highlight and change single notes, groups of notes, or measures.
- SAVE SELECTED BEATS. Whole measures at time, or parts of measures.
- CHAIN TOGETHER SAVED RHYTHMS and practice them as one exercise.
- SHUFFLE notes or ornaments for the selected notes.
- MULTIPLE TIME SIGNATURES: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8.
- PREVIEW SAVED RHYTHMS before sending them to the score to practice.
- Adjust the accent note, normal note, and grace note volume.
- A cursor follows notes during playback.
- Tempos from 40-250 bpm.
- undo/redo.


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