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Ear Training University Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Ear Training University

The goal of Relative Pitch ear training is to learn to follow the flow of music, *effortlessly* by ear.

This giveaway offer has expired. Ear Training University is now available on the regular basis.

The goal of Relative Pitch ear training is to learn to follow the flow of music, *effortlessly* by ear. The Ear Training University (ETU) app was carefully designed to take all the guess work out of how to learn this skill. Whether you’re a complete beginner in ear training or have done ear training before, ETU’s approach is sure to find any weaknesses your ears may have and systematically build your sense of Relative Pitch from the ground up.

Rather than presenting a “Grab Bag” of drills, we have designed a series of lessons that teach you how to do ear training the right way. These lessons include both video instruction and interactive drills. Most of the settings --including tempo changes-- are already programmed into the drills to keep things interesting and challenging. All you need to do is follow along!

Progress is easy to visualize simply by viewing the Lesson Cards which keep track of your stats, for example: when you started a lesson, the percentage completed, when you last visited a lesson and when you completed it. You can enter your music teacher’s email address and they will receive progress reports every time you complete an activity as well!

The videos explain how to properly do the drills which include listening drills, singing drills and spelling drills. They will encourage you along the way!

The best way to learn Relative Pitch is to do both singing drills and listening drills. Singing is active learning. Listening is passive. Learn first by singing and then test your knowledge by listening. ETU’s interactive drills make learning Relative Pitch with this method easy and doable for everyone!

(We realize that watching videos is not for everyone. However, if you only watch one video, watch “The Discernment Drill – The Key to Discerning Harmonic Relationships!” This video discusses one type of interactive drill called "The Discernment Drill." This drill really opens up the ear so that it can perceive harmonic intervals and chords *instantly* even when played lightning-fast during Speed Rounds.)

⁃ Interval training drills (up, down, harmonic), both Singing and Listening Drills.
- Professionally recorded voice-over cues for drills.
- Interval and Chord Spelling drills.
⁃ Chord Identification drills (arpeggios and harmonic)
⁃ Chord Inversion drills (harmonic and arpeggiated)
⁃ Give your responses with on-screen piano keyboard or large easy to push buttons.
⁃ Change instruments at any time during drills
⁃ Interval singing and chord singing drills
⁃ Setup your correct vocal range
⁃ Slow self-paced drills and “Speed Rounds” which test whether you’re ready to move on!
⁃ Video instruction
⁃ Teacher Reports (these reports even include spelling test questions and the student’s responses)

Please check in with us frequently as we have a lot of new content planned for ETU. We’re excited to bring you this app and will be updating frequently!


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