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Coaches can easily get immediate feedback on how both teams scored their points.
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Easy VS
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Coaches can easily get immediate feedback on how both teams scored their points.
If you make the game public, anyone with the app can see the stats and the score.

If you just want to keep score, tap on the point to add a point and pull down to subtract a point.

If you want to track how your team earned points, tap on how the team earned a point and the app will automatically add a point to their team score. Use the Undo button to subtract the last point added.

You can also keep track of Attacks and Serve Receive ratings (Full Stats). To subtract from these buttons swipe down on the button.

If you keep track of attacks and serve receive ratings, the app will calculate a hitting% and serve receive average

Change colors by clicking on the c on the scoreboard.

You can have the teams switch sides by clicking the "switch" button at the bottom of the scoreboard screen.

Public games are saved for others to see. Private games are only for you to see. Live updates will show on the All Games tab. You can click on a game from the All Games tab to see team stats and watch a live game.

You can only edit games that you have made and you must access them from the My Games tab. Public and private games that you have made will show up in the My Games tab. You can delete public and private games that you have made from the My Games tab by swiping left.


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